We live in a consumer driven market driven culture. How does this impact our lives? What does the corporatization of culture mean? How do we make sense of the crises of violence in our nation? What does our response to disaster and crisis say about who we are?

In this video, host CJ Liu talks with Peter Block about his book, Flawless Consulting, and much more including today’s fear-based culture, shifting our goals from profit to purpose, and what we can do to make a difference. Peter also shares about his journey to writing and consulting and they discuss the importance of honoring your authentic self.


“The idea that relationships are decisive not a luxury is still a radical idea in this culture.” – Peter Block

“People who want to run my neighborhood and my city like a business – who cares for the common good? Who will do those things where efficiency and cost and speed don’t work? We’ve left behind a good part of our culture.” – Peter Block

“Ask yourself: what am I doing to play into that game, that story, and how can I create a different story?” – CJ Liu

“I don’t become powerful until I decide I’m a cocreator in this world.” – Peter Block