How does getting right with money relate to the Jubilee economy? At the next Jubilee Forum Pastor Lesley Jones will share her insights into Jubilee theology and how we are challenged with the concept and practice of Jubilee in our daily lives. Peter Block will facilitate the discussion.

A compassionate or Jubilee economy is cooperative, communal and generous. Hosted by The Economics of Compassion Initiative, the free Aug. 10 event runs from 6-8 p.m. at First Unitarian Church in Cincinnati. Register and learn more at the Eventbrite page. The forums convene diverse people to identify and begin to shift the landscape of credit and debt in our neighborhoods.

Liz Kitchell, Dr. Claver Pashi, and Pastor Jones

Pastor Jones is the Senior Pastor of the Truth & Destiny Covenant Ministries Fellowship United Church of Christ. Money empowerment coach Liz Kitchell will share about her experiences as it relates to Jubilee in practice. In addition, Dr. Claver Pashi will represent the Jurisdiction Resident Advisory Board (J-Rab) and share about the successful work with entrepreneurs.

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