Leadership and the Common Good

Peter Block and Friends

If we want to restore our commitment to the common good, we need stories and ideas strong enough to build social capital and engage communities. Contained here are some principles, practices, and tools for this restorative transformation, which is well underway.

Introduction to the Commons:

  • What it means to care for the common good.
  • The context of scarcity, privatization, and the limits of development.
  • Inverting our thinking about the domains of economics, church, journalism, architecture.
  • Amplifying the people and practices that are changing the world. Make visible the untitled community builders, local people, under the radar, who are engaged in the transformational practices that are restoring our care for place, community and each other.

We don’t know what to name this collective landscape, but will call it a Curriculum for Restoration of the Commons for the moment. It will be the collective record of ordinary citizens producing the common good.